Sarah Napper

Financial Services Implementation and Support – Tillsonburg Office

Sarah joined the Good Redden Klosler Wealth Management Team in 2022. She was born and raised in Hamilton and was working there as a legal assistant at a general law firm practice where she specialized in litigation.

During that time, her family decided to take up residency in Norfolk County and she soon followed suit. Now living in Norfolk County, she decided it was time to start a new career path and it brought her to Good Redden Klosler Wealth Management.

Interacting with clients during her law experience carries over to wealth management side. She is friendly and positive with each interaction and always tries to put the client at ease with respect to whatever it is they may need help with. She finds the financial world fascinating and hopes to learn as much as possible with respect to creating the right financial plan to suit each and every client.

Sarah has a passion for music, and while she does not create it, she fully enjoys live music and the feeling it creates. She is also a huge animal lover. Her dream in life would be to own a large property set out for an animal sanctuary to ensure they all had a place to go, with food to eat and someone to love them.

When she’s not at a concert with her lifelong friends, or admiring everyone and anyone’s pets, you can find her enjoying her time at home with her loved ones.