Wealth Management

Since 2002, Good Redden Klosler has been developing its wealth management division with a combination of talent, resources and access to a national network of associates. Our advisors provide you with the service, advice and strategic support required to manage your finances today while planning for your future.

We believe the keys to effective wealth management are the identification and analysis of the interrelationships among sometimes conflicting objectives. Whatever your financial goals are, Good Redden Klosler can help you create a personalized plan that works for you.

Through The Growth Experience™, Good Redden Klosler’s wealth management professionals create tailored financial plans based on each client’s individual position and needs. Your advisor will provide strategies that reflect your personal goals and complete financial situation (including income and expenses, assets, liabilities, investments, taxes, and financial risk). This proven approach reflects the standards set out by the Financial Planning Standards Council (FPSC®) of Canada, and will help balance everything you want today with what you’ll need for a comfortable future.

We strongly believe:

  • Comprehensive Financial Planning is not just about investments.
  • Wealth Management incorporates risk and tax minimization as well as succession planning.
  • Coordination of outside resources is integral to the success of any comprehensive financial plan.
  • A client’s confidence is a direct function of their understanding.
  • The ultimate measure of our success, is our client’s success.

The growth experience

1. Introduction

Collaboration and client engagement

  • Explain Good Redden Klosler’s services
  • Define client and planner responsibilities
  • Discuss different payment structures

2. Discovery

A review of your current financial situation

  • Clarify your goals and objectives
  • Complete Growth Assessment (income, expenses, assets, and liabilities)
  • Gather all necessary information and documents
  • Sign Letter of Engagement

3. Clarification

Confirm accuracy of information and direction

  • Presentation of preliminary assumptions and financial plan
  • Identify inhibitors and opportunities
  • Confirm accuracy and completeness of information
  • Ensure the plan is progressing along your desired path

4. Presentation of Financial Plan

Observation, Recommendations and Action Plan

  • Present your tailored financial plan
  • Prioritize goals and objectives
  • Establish an appropriate review cycle

5. Implementation

Coordination of the next steps required for success

  • Begin implementing the recommendations discussed
  • Coordinate the required financial and legal professionals as required

6. Monitoring the Financial Plan

Follow up to review and revisit plan success

  • Schedule updates and reviews to ensure progress is made and your goals are met
  • Review any changes in your circumstances

6 Critical branches

Your financial plan will help you understand and make decisions regarding conflicting aspects of your specific situation. As your unique situation changes, your advisor will help adjust your plan accordingly.

Your comprehensive financial plan will include 6 critical branches:

Net Worth Projections

  • Summarize current and future assets and liabilities
  • Review of business valuation and succession planning

Cashflow Planning

  • Analyze your current and projected lifestyle costs
  • Discuss debt management
  • Complete an education funding analysis

Retirement Planning

  • Assess your ability to retire in relation

Investment Analysis

  • Summarize your existing investments and asset allocation
  • Analyze your current portfolio construction tax and efficiency
  • Discuss your capacity and willingness to take investment risk

Risk Management

  • Summarize and review your existing insurance coverage
  • Complete an insurance needs analysis

Estate Planning

  • Review your current wills and powers of attorney
  • Analyze your current and/or future net estate values and planned allocation

To learn more, please visit our Wealth Management Resource Library.

Financial planning engagements

Engagements include strategies to suite your customized needs, both for individuals and businesses, and are available on a fee-for-service basis.

Retirement Projection

This engagement is for clients who are recently retired or are looking to retire and are curious or concerned about whether their income stream will be enough to support their retirement lifestyle. This includes a detailed analysis of projected income sources (RRSP, RIF, Non-Registered Investments, OAS, CPP).

Personal Financial Plan

This plan is for individuals who are focused on achieving specific financial goals. We provide guidance in the 6 critical branches of a financial plan. It includes a detailed analysis, observations, recommendations and an action plan to support your present situation and your future.

Comprehensive Financial Plan

Tailored to professionals and business ownermanagers, these plans are more complex than a Personal Financial Plan. They include a complete written analysis of every financial aspect of your situation as well as recommendations and an action plan. All 6 critical branches are incorporated into the plan.

To find out which engagement is right for you, please contact us today.

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