Colton Sulisz
| Team Accountant

Colton Sulisz

Colton began working with Good Redden Klosler in the Fall of 2016. He brings to the team expertise and experience in tax and assurance. His knack for problem solving and communication has helped him solve clients’ tax problems and effectively relay the results.

Colton is motivated by putting a smile on clients' faces when they discover they owe less than they thought or are getting a tax refund. He also enjoys client engagement and continuously learning in an always changing industry.

Colton is receptive, approachable, professional and ensures that his work is being performed at the highest degree so his clients are well informed and able to achieve their business goals. He is genuinely interested in his clients’ business stories and dreams as well as playing a key role in helping them succeed.

In his spare time, he enjoys staying fit, playing guitar and spending time with friends and family. He also spends a significant amount of time studying accounting to enhance his professional knowledge.