Corporate Identity Clarification

Visible and Strong.

The tree is prominent, more visible and a part in our community compared to a big city environment. Like the tree Good Redden Klosler provides clients with strong, solid solutions so clients are better protected from unexpected weather changes in business and life.

Rooted and Supporting Growth.

Like a tree, Good Redden Klosler has very strong roots in the community. The firm has been working as an integrated team since 1948 and has been involved in the community from coaching, playing or sponsoring local teams and events to helping clients plant more seeds and maintain success and longevity.


The illustration style of the tree in the logo communicates Good Redden Klosler will work with clients from the conceptual stage and provide effective, innovative solutions.

Working Together.

A tree is made of many branches growing in balance. Good Redden Klosler has created our own family tree of experts working together to provide solid solutions.


Entering the path in the logo is an invitation to our clients. We are welcoming and approachable. We will also help our clients create and manage a custom path that fits their needs to support their future and generations to come.