Client Stories

Client relationships are loyal and long lasting at GRK. This is due, in large part, to our team’s commitment to service, our industry knowledge and because we care for our clients’ well-being.

We started working with Good Redden Klosler ten years ago and financially, it’s the best thing that has happened to us. The team is caring, down-to-earth, friendly and always receptive to our questions. They give us good advice and are organized, especially when it comes to taxes and our investments. We feel secure with our investments and we know where we stand with our taxes. Both our sons also work with GRK and we take comfort in knowing we all will enjoy retirement because of the great investment advice.

Good Redden Klosler is a great team to go to for your business needs. They work well together which I find extremely valuable when I have questions. They have back-up support with a team of professionals to provide answers in a timely manner. They help me clearly understand all aspects of our company’s financial situation as well as structure and needs. They are dependable; I can always count on them and their personalized service stands out.

I find working with GRK to be effortless. Time is a hot commodity, and I don't find I have to invest or waste a lot of it in order to seek and obtain the services from GRK that I require. They're readily accessible when I have questions, and my questions are answered to my satisfaction very quickly. They are laid back and professional. It's certainly not a 'stuffed suit' environment, which makes for enjoyable, relaxed interaction, but the professionalism is never compromised or in doubt. I don't worry that my accounting and wealth management needs are being handled by anything short of top of the line expertise, and I know the firm has my best interests in mind every step of the way.

What I like most about working with Good Redden Klosler is how personable and friendly their team is. They are very well organized and have an exceptional understanding of the business. They have a comprehensive team that looks after all areas of my business like accounting and succession planning. I appreciate how many facets I can utilize all under one roof. The team is diligent and I’m happy to share my experience with others.

What I really like about Good Redden Klosler is that they have all the services under one roof which is perfect for us. I recently retired and at my age and stage in life, long term planning is important and they really helped me with that.