For generations, the GRK team has helped businesses and professionals with their growth and direction by offering many accounting services like:

  • Audit and Assurance Services
  • Bookkeeping Services
  • Corporate Tax Services
  • HST Services
  • Personal Tax Services

We believe the best way to meet and exceed your needs is by having a solid and efficient process in place.


The GROWTH Process

Good Redden Klosler represents strong, solid solutions so clients are better protected from unexpected changes in business and life. That is why we have developed the Growth Process.

  • 1 Let's Meet

    Get to know each other and learn about how our integrated approach helps clients.

  • 2 Growth Assessment

    Meet with you to review your situation, goals and opportunities.

  • 3 Plant the Seed

    Discuss services and full solutions to support your goals.

  • 4 Nurture the Roots

    Prepare recommendations created by our integrated team of specialists.

  • 5 Strengthen the Trunk

    Implement the overall plan and assign duties for advisory, accounting and the wealth management team.

  • 6 Branch Out

    Monitor your success and provide you with regular updates.

  • 7 Create the Forest

    Revisit and review the plan’s success and develop further goals for growth.

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